Around the ENS
ENS de Lyon’s official website
The Mobility Office’s official website, which you may already know!
The official ATOSIM website, with a lot of useful information.
The website of the BDE, always up to date!
The website of the Association Sportive (Sport Association), with a lot of interesting information about upcoming events.

News website of the weekly rightwing-leaning paper Le point, with many analysis of current events
The website of Le Monde, a daily French newspaper
Use only if you can’t read the two previous sites… BBC’s news!

A website to compare companies’ prices.
The website of Lyon’s airport, to see every national and international connection.
Website of the shuttle between lyon and the airport, with all the up to date times and prices.
Want to buy a train ticket in France ? This compagny has the monopoly of Franch trains, you won’t find cheaper elsewhere !
Everything you need to know about public transport in Lyon, plus all the lines and times.
This should help you get used to Lyon’s famous bike location system.

Other links
THE ultimate guide for Lyon: any bar, restaurant nightclub or shop can be found in it, with for each one a critique written by students.
Want to go to the movies? Then this website is just for you.